Which software is required to use Slideegg  Content?


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Slideegg  provides professional PowerPoint Templates. Our main presentation software target is Microsoft PowerPoint (in their different versions from 2003 to 2019, for PC and Mac and Office 365).
Each Template Page provides information about compatibility. Please check the templates you are willing to download in order to avoid any problem. If any of the templates you require does not supports your platform, please contact us and we will help with the conversion process.
All our templates need to be downloaded before usage. The download format is pptx (this means they are not macro enabled). All our templates are uploaded to our content platform after a through check on security. This means the files are virus free, macro free and only contain clean assets.
Our PowerPoint diagrams and shapes are created 100% with PowerPoint objects. This capability also enables other Microsoft Office Product to use this diagrams and shapes. For example is very common that our users copy and paste diagrams from presentations into word documents, without losing quality. If you have any doubt or problem on compatibility supported by any of our templates, please contact our Customer engagement team (Link for chat)

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